The Land of World Class Water

Shichiken Brewery is located in the center of Japan at Hakushucho, Hokuto City, Yamanshi prefecture. Hokuto City is known for its pristine water source, which attracts several major companies to set up mineral water factory in Hokuto City making Japan's number one place for mineral water production.
In 2014 Minami Alps National Park which includes Mount Kaikoma was selected as UNESCO Eco Park, also known as UNESCO biosphere reserve list, certifying it as mountain with world class water. Shichiken is the only sake brewery in Hakushu-cho, Hokuto City, Yamanashi prefecture and the only sake that is produced with water from Mount Kaikoma.

Water Nurtured by Mount Kaikoma

Water is the most important element for sake brewing.
Shichiken's water source Mount Kaikoma was formed by magma that became granite through solidifying beneath ground for over ten million years. The thawing water that has fallen from the mountain deeply soaks in the ground polishes through several layers of granite over a long period of time creating the pristine water with transparency.

Becoming the Sake that Embodies Hakushu Water

Shichiken wishes to produce "sake that embodies Hakushu water". Numerous trial productions were executed in search of a formula that is compatible with Hakushu water, and a method of making genshu (undiluted sake), which is the foundation of brewing ginjo was established. Please enjoy the moist, fresh, rejuvenating, and airy feeling when Hakushu water touches your lips, and the first sip that enclose your palate in pleasant comfort.

The Local Sake Made with Local Rice, Water by Hands of Locals

Shichiken believes the true local sake (jizake) is made with local rice, water by local people, therefore we work closely with local farmers in cultivating high quality sake rice in Yamanashi. From Managing Director Ryogo Kitahara, who is also the brew master, to every staff who are proud of local produce are united together in producing the ideal local sake.
Since we wish to convey the beauty of nature, deliciousness of water, and other charms of Hakushu to more people, we provide a community venue with events. These events include "Nature Cram School" for people to learn about sake making while experience nature and our annual fan appreciating event "Kura Biraki" connecting our beloved regions and customers.

Sake Brewery that Became Meiji Emperor's Anzaisho

Shichiken brewery is built in Daigahara-shuku, which was a prospered town serving as a post station on Koshu Kaido, one of Edo Five Routes. In Meiji 13, while on his travel through Yamanashi Emperor honored our brewery with one-night accommodation designated our brewery as "Anzaisho". Currently the main road is on the opposite side of the old post station area, however the old road on historic Koshu Kaido and its neighborhood has been selected by the former Ministry of Construction as one of the 100 best roads in Japan. We are honored to be contributing to the scenic route with this historic building.